How great would it be, if each person:
- takes responsibility for his or her life and environment
- can shape his or her future
- is able to apply the changes that are facing us in his or her life

The power of ACTIVE TO WORK is more than an ideology, it provides tools to put beautiful words and concepts into applicable actions.

Work is the key when it comes to participation, from voluntary work to paid work.

The core message is taking responsibility for your own life and for the environment.

ACTIVE TO WORK provides tools to turn these beautiful words and concepts into an applicable approach. People get the grip on their lives by experiencing themselves as a driving force. They take their lives back in their own hands, take responsibility, experience self-confidence, are able to participate actively in society and feel themselves worthwhile.

Participants achieve these results in 4 months: 1 month intensive training (2 days a week) plus 3 months securing & optimalisation (1 1/2 hour a week).

The article is written by a journalist on behalf of the *Programmaraad in response to the high feedback score we received for the workshops we gave on their Praktijkdag.

*Programmaraad is a national organization that consists of VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities), UWV, Divosa (association for municipal directors in the social domain) and Cedris (national association for an inclusive labor market). The Programma raad is concerned with informing the 35 labor market regions in the Netherlands and get them working.

For Who

ACTIVE TO WORK is suitable for all categories of unemployed, but especially for people who do not want to, are not able to, people with tremendous resistance, who suffer from all kind of ailments, burnout, ADHD / ADD, who are socially isolated, who are in conflict with themselves and their environment, refugees / asylum seekers, school drop-outs, young people who cannot get / hold a job, high educated immigrants, people who are living on welfare for years, who apply for each available job but are rejected everywhere………

With this people we like to work and with excellent result:

Participants are self-sufficient
Participants are self-confident again and use their talents
Participants are placeable
Participants know how to deal with their old excuses (programs)
Participants become pro-active and take responsibility
Participants participate in society again

References from municipality

Wilco Feil Interim Manager Participation & Work at Municipality Ede

“The strength of ACTIVE TO WORK is that long-term unemployed have faith again in their own abilities combined with a realistic self-image. In addition, they are given the tools to get started independently and focused. They are thereby activated and employable again for work".

"Often the help of the municipality in finding a job is not necessary, they actively search themselves".


ACTIVE TO WORK is able to make this happen because the method that is used is based on a unique system, the "Bronnikov-Fekleron" system. It offers a combination of focused physical, psychological, social incentives. Participants learn, among other things, techniques for reprogramming destructive programs and activating constructive programs. They learn to observe and act in a variety of social positions. In a smaller setting they are able to safely "practice" their participation in the social process.

This approach is the answer to the question: how do we get people to use their own strength, how do we get them motivated and active again. The possibilities and qualities of the participants are always central, and an effective appeal is done on these possibilities and qualities by means of special tools.

ACTIVE TO WORK is refreshingly different and has a structural approach, is easy to transfer and with sustainable result. Self-confidence, self-reliance, self-organization, self-responsibility and the self-restoring ability are activated.

ACTIVE TO WORK provides a sustainable result for the participant and his or her surroundings. The participants learn to use the "Bronnikov-Fekleron" tools in their daily life, for themselves, their family and their surroundings. This allows them to autonomously develop themselves further.

Manuela de Klaver
Medical advisor at SCIO Consult, commissioned by municipality Ede

“As medical advisor, I am involved in the assessment of the capacity of long-term unemployed who have been on social assistance for a long time. During the period that ACTIVE TO WORK was deployed I have found specific changes in my clients. While these clients previously were unable to work because of a variety of physical complaints, I saw now very energetic clients in the clinic. They want to go back to work again, have a drive and energy and are able to follow a reintegration program again”.

“ACTIVE TO WORK produces convincing results".

Revews from participants


During the program Active to Work I learned to see possibilities again and to lead my life energeticly.

My dream is opening a Turkish fish-delicatessen shop. The area where I am from knows many delicious ways to prepare fish.

I would like to prepare it in the traditional way, on a small woodstove.


I now dare to work together and make choices.

My dream is creating a cozy, joyful ‘living room – restaurant’ where Surinamese specialties are being served. I have a lot of fun in making delicacies with fresh and honest products. My first step is making Surinamese snacks for companies, organizations and private persons when they have parties, receptions , happy hour, etc.


It helped me to communicate better. I like to do the exercises, because they give me energy and a more clear and ‘structured’ head.

My dream is a 3D-print company, where we make unique parts for space travel. At the moment I work as purchasing agent at a IT-company and there I can develop some of the qualities I need to realize my dream.


I am a toltaly different person now, my physical complaints are gone, I lost a lot of weight and I am able to do sport again.

My dream is a world where everybody communicates clear and transparent. In my vision this is possible by using images.

At this moment I work as a teacher and give drawing lessons.

My first book is ready to be published. Besides that, I am starting my own company in image communication for education materials, children’s books, PR and other purposes.


I have learned to stand up for myself and that I always have a choice. My body feels much better and ik am able to be active and work again.

My dream is to lead my own Beauty/Wellness center. I am a real busybody and like to organize. Besides that, I have a pack of experience and passion for personal and beauty care.

At the moment I work as manager for ‘Service in de wijk’ at municipality Ede.


I was doing really bad, was extreme stuck, could only cry. Now I am alive again, regained control over my life, enjoy my life and am able to see possibilities. And… I surprised everyone and myself, by quitting smoking, I just did not need it anymore.

My dream is to break through as detective writer. I have humor, am sharp and am now writing for 14 years.

I would like to work as Active to Work trainer in Ede, because the program helped me so much. I want everybody to be able to have the great results as I had.


Active to Work is based on IHD Informational Human Development.
The author of IHD is Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov. His goal is to enable people to safely deal with our rapidly changing world and the ever-growing information flow.

During ACTIVE TO WORK, the participants apply a unique combination of these techniques to develop in 3 areas:
- Subconscious: on the physical area
- Consciousness: on the mental area
- Super consciousness: on the area of programs and energy

The participants bring their energy management in optimal condition, activate the self-restoring ability with the result that they experience that their physical complaints disappear.

The participants transform their psychology, behaviour and the view on their own situation, their life and the world.

The participants re-program destructive programs and activate constructive programs.

The participants create a personal future plan that gives direction to their lives and guides them to make targeted choices and take action.

The participants experience what their own share is in the situation they are in, how to influence this situation and bend it to their will.

We work with the principle "Do not look back to what was there, focus on where you want to go."