Level 1 - Ecology of Spirit

The Bronnikov Fekleron system is based on the ancient Dragon system. 
Inside the human there is the Living Force, the Death Force and the Holy Force. Each of these forces performs its own crucial part in human life. The true spirituality in "Ecology of the Spirit' is acquired when a person is aware of all these three Divine Forces and uses them consciously.

The Bronnikov Fekleron system offers you ways to understand and master these forces. Our approach is one step of theory followed by one step of practice.

Level 1 – The technique of the Living Force

By doing simple exercises your immune system is strengthened, your digestive system is harmonized, your concentration is improved and your energy level is restored. You are recharging your inner battery.

You learn to feel your own energy and to consciously move it around inside your body. Also the energy flow of your training partner can be put in motion. You will also learn the ability to create an energy splash, thus activating purifying and protective functions. You will start to feel better, more powerful and stand firm with both feet on the ground.

Goal is the harmonization of body functions. You will start the communication with your brain, in order for it to execute your specific commands. The difference between gravity and antigravity will become clear. Another part is to consciously activate the energy of your visual organs and your brain. You do this to repair and preserve your vision and to keep your brain flexible and active.

This training accomplishes a refinement of your senses and we introduce phantom senses. Each sensory organ also has a phantom variety. With these senses you combine the past (knowledge) with the future (your imagination) to see, smell, feel, hear taste something in present time.

You will learn the following techniques: 
·  Develop the ability of natural recovery of the body.
·  Sense your Body energy, master these vital force so you are able to be active without fatigue.
·  General recovery, activate and enhance the protective functions of the body.
·  Activate passive cells again and harmonize the organs and body functions.
·  Play with tension - relaxation, heaviness - lightness on different levels in the body.
·  Develop new levels of sensory perception and creative capacities.
·  Let your body respond to the tasks you set.