GATES TO THE WHITE THRONE is the Yin Power center in the Netherlands.
This means that cosmic flows from the sky move into the earth.
These flows go into the earth, through the “White Throne” and then come up from the earth on different places all around the world.

GATES TO THE WHITE THRONE is the root to 56 Yang Power centers.
On each of the 56 places, all over the world, the streams move from the earth, to the sky.

Power centers

A Power center is a defined area or place through which energy and rays of certain forces flow. The system of the Power center Gates to the White Throne consists of 1 Yin center and 56 Yang centers.


Keepers of Power centers are determined before birth by the higher subtle forces, gods, angels to accomplish a specific mission. Their goal is to prepare and assist de transition of Mother earth to the next stage.


The Team of the inner circle of the Power center “Gates to the White Throne” consists of 12 people, the 12 apostles. The “South” is built from female apostles and the “North” from male apostles.


In search for methods of personal development we came across the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

We met Drunvalo during one of his workshops and received an invitation to participate in the Southwest Holyland Pilgrimage of America.

Fifty-six people came from all over the world to do spiritual work. Together we traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.


Opening of the Gates

V.M. Bronnikov knew that in order to change the upward flow of the Power center to the original downward flow again, a serious ritual needed to be performed in the Netherlands and it was time to do it.

All he knew was that he needed an American shaman, certain ritual tools and a Mahason.

So he was thinking “where can we find all those things”?  “IF IT SHOULD BE, IT WILL BE”.


Peter found a article on the website of Drunvalo Melchizedek about the “Bronnikov-Fekleron” system. This was the answer to their prayers, so he said to Jolanda, “pack your bags, we are going to Russia!

Spiritual training

IHD training and webinars are held for people who are interested in the Power center.
Regularly spiritual activities are held at the Initiation center “Ardabda”, in Feodosia, Crimea.

Maria circle

The Maria circle is for all women, worldwide - from age 15. The goal is to get aquainted again with the female Creation power and develop it further to create a system for the New World.