History – Gates to the White Throne

Phone call from Holland to Bronnikov
Peter was caught by an article on the internet called “Learning blind children to see” because his eyesight was rather weak and he was trying to find a natural way to improve it. When reading the article he discovered that this method was not only about eyesight, but also about spiritual development and working with the inner screens. While connecting with several spiritual masters, Jolanda and Peter got acquainted with the phenomenon of the inner screens and what great potential this has. None of the schools they knew were able to teach this phenomenon to adults. They were searching for a long time for a school that was able to teach them and in that article it seemed that Peter found in the Bronnikov method the answer to their prayers, so he said to Jolanda, “pack your bags, we are going to Russia!

More information about the method in English was not available, so the only option was to get in direct contact with the Bronnikov center that was mentioned in the article. That was not a simple task, but after using all sorts of means of contact and persistently corresponding for a long time, Peter managed to get on the phone with Bronnikov.

The talk was strange, but very exciting. The information that Bronnikov gave to Peter was far beyond his expectations, even incomprehensible. His conclusion to Jolanda was; “I do not exactly understand what he is talking about, but I feel with all my heart that we need to meet him and go to Russia as soon as possible.

Later Bronnikov told them that he knew that there was a very bad place in Holland and he did not want to get in touch with it. During the phone call he was trying to frighten Peter, so he would break the connection. But instead of being afraid, Peter was trying to get to him even stronger, he was more eager to come and to get to know Bronnikov. He put even more effort to come to Russia. So Bronnikov wrote to Holland and invited Peter and Jolanda to come to Feodosia, Crimea.

Peter and Jolanda’s visit to Feodosia
They accepted the invitation Bronnikov sent, to come to Feodosia and were very excited to go, even though they had no clue what to expect. Their mission was to explore the method and get Bronnikov to the Netherlands.

A small group of people were waiting at the Hotel, bring Peter and Jolanda to the Bronnikov center, where they were welcomed by Bronnikov and the head of the Russian orthodox church of Moscow. After a nice conversation they were introduced to the family and people connected to the center and were showed around in the building that looked like a castle. The people are warm, open and hospitable.

The Bronnikov Centre is situated in the old part of town. The energy at the center is very special, it feels like coming home right away. There is a holy spring on the premises and an ancient Armenian church dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Peter and Jolanda were right away intrigued by this church and were eager to see inside, but that was not possible. The second time they were in Feodosia, it appeared that they needed to be part of a ritual in the church and more would follow.

Peter and Jolanda were given the opportunity to do Level 1 of the method in 10 days. In those days Level 1 could only be done in 30 days. The course was given by Nathalia Bronnikova. “It was fun to do and we were surprised about the simplicity but yet big impact. We only needed 1 day to be sure that this method is effective, has a huge potential and that it was far more than we ever hoped for”.

During their stay in Feodosia, they had a few conversations with Bronnikov. Peter asked him about his destiny several times and every time Bronnikov told about fantastic things and situations that were beyond imagination. When they invited him to come to the Netherlands he declined right away. He said “I have no time to come, but I will teach you and you will teach others”.

Later Bronnikov told them: I was sure that Peter’s destiny was connected to that place in the Netherlands, I saw that the place was negative, very negative. I was trying not to tell this, because I realized that he and Jolanda were in a bad situation, where they were not able to get out.

Knowing that the method was huge and with a deep feeling of connection, they went home. In the airplane, they discussed the offer Bronnikov made and decided to dedicate their time to the Bronnikov Fekleron system. The next day Jolanda quitted her job.

Bronnikov’s visit to Holland with Alexander Levit
Peter and Jolanda kept returning to Feodosia every year, brought groups for training, were trained to become instructors of different levels and joined several rituals at the center.

During that time Sasha Levit, a Bronnikov expert, told Bronnikov that it was his task to work with this negative place in Holland and if he would not do something about it, that the whole Europe would be affected by this negative process, in the next few years. So it was the question how to tell Peter and Jolanda about this process, because in that time they did not know anything about this.

So when Peter and Jolanda asked Bronnikov to come Holland, after a couple of year working together, he agreed. He told that the time was right to come to go to Holland.

Bronnikov and Sasha Levit gave in Holland presentations for Sensis, an organization for visual impaired people, and a general presentation in “de Waalse kerk” in Breda for interested people. During that visit Bronnikov explained that this was not the reason that he needed to come, but it had to do with a magical, but dangerous power center somewhere in Holland.

In the home of Peter and Jolanda, in Krimpen, Sasha Levit worked with his PBC, to find this place and pointed out a specific area on the map, somewhere in the middle of the country, with a lot of water around. Peter and Jolanda were flabbergasted…. because they were in the process of moving to that exact area.

Peter and Jolanda’s move to a new home
The old house in Krimpen became too small for their activities and in their search for another place, they got the idea to live on the water. According to several sources, this was not easy, because finding a spot on the water with a permanent living permit takes minimum a year.

Thanks to the spirits of the Power center Peter found such a place in 2 weeks. It was in the middle of the Netherlands. The place was perfect, but negotiating about the high price was not possible, so they declined. Within 2 weeks they received a telephone call with the message: “we really want you to live here. If you still want it, the spot is yours. We accept your offer and conditions”. The deal was done, Peter and Jolanda designed their ‘Floating home’ and building began.

Moving to a new place, it was necessary to sell the old house. It was very strange process, because the selling board on the window fell off constantly, lots of people came and were enthusiast about the place, but no one made an offer. Peter and Jolanda thought that maybe the house did not want to be sold, because they were working on the house and with essences for several years. At last they got a good offer to rent it to the Green Tara foundation, so they did. The people from Green Tara told that when the Buddhist Lama was visiting the house, he did not want to leave, he liked the energy in the place very much.

Later, when Bronnikov and Palden Lhamo met each other and we visited the Stupa, the connection between Green Tara, Buddhism and the Power center became clear.

Investigation of the Power center near the house
At the new place the surroundings were incredible, a whole different environment, essences and feeling. The park is holiday park with a part that is devoted to “Floating homes”. While preparing the park for building more expensive vacation houses, the crises stepped in and a big part of the park became open space. That open space was a great place to walk the dog and do exercises, so we are there every day. It felt like a special place.

While exploring the surroundings they discovered that an old castle had been standing on that open space and that the castle had connections with many other castles. One of the connections was with the Templars castle, once owned by the family of the Queen of Belgium. There were also connection with ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Dragon city, which is directly connected with Peter and Jolanda.

When Bronnikov was again in the Netherlands, he and Peter explored step by step the environment, accompanied by Pasha (the dog). They made connections with Vega and the essences. The place of the Power center was determined on the open space, near the castle.