Level 2 – Inner Vision

Development of Super-conscious abilities – PsychoBioComputer (PBC)

The core of Inner Vision is the psychological process of REM sleep managed by consciousness in the waking state. The person is able to conscientiously turn the brain combinatorics on and off: see images, perform tasks and make other processes visible.

The ‘Inner Vision’ technique was widely spread in ancient times and was a mandatory skill for a monk.

There are a certain number of people who naturally possess these qualities. In any case it is important and necessary to know the safety measures while working with the Inner Vision. Only then a person is able to reveal a huge potential without health problems.

You will learn the following techniques: 
·  Deliberately, at your command, create the Inner screen and mentally master the screen and images on it.
·  Learn to see your own organism from inside, with closed eyes.
·  Create a database for information.
·  Work with new types of memory such as the PBC memory and photographic memory. These capabilities make the educational process more efficient.
·  A well-developed PBC can replace the functions of many devices (for example, those of a watch, compass, binoculars etc.).
·  Store information of all kinds of subjects without overloading the memory.
·  See structures inside the body, clear out negative influences and develop new 'protection' possibilities.
·  Learn to see Holographicaly; six dimensions at once. This way you develop the multifunctional capabilities of the brain.