Introduction of the Keepers

Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov
Lead keeper and keymaker

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Bronnikov was born and grew up in the Holy Place of Power in Feodosia by the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, in the place of Dragon Power, next to the Church of the Impulse of the Holy Spirit, birthplace of new ideas.
He is a descendant of the ancient family of Coronello, a Spanish family of Templars. The family of keepers of Templar knowledge. The family produced 7 inquisitors, one of them was the chief inquisitor of Spain, his godfather was Charles V. On the other side of the family, his ancestors were bladesmiths of ceremonial weapons. Vyacheslav Bronnikov was taught by 12 teachers, he possesses universal knowledge and is an expert in opening the 15th reality.

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich receives requests from Kazakhstan dervishes, clairvoyant people, shamans of Yakutia (Russia) to open places of power and holy places in different countries. He also leads a scientific research program ‘Geography of Fine Material World’.

Peter Kamp
Male (Yang) keeper

Peter is born on a Sunday in 1966 in the Netherlands. Both his parents are personally and in lineage connected to ancient sacred knowledge of the Templars and Free masons. From a very young age Peter was wondering about life, asking questions and searching for answers. Having a different way of thinking, of seeing the world and of perceive information, it made it sometimes hard for others to understand him. Starting as a software developer he was able to materialize the schema’s he sees in his mind. Still searching for answers about life, he explored many technologies, spiritual masters and methods from all over the world. Through vision he got acquainted with V.M. Bronnikov and his method; “this is what I was searching for all my life”.

Peter is the Yang Keeper of the Power center Netherlands. Holder of the male part of the 12 apostle system. Mediator of the Siddhi management system. Guardian of the Informational Keepers Crystal.

Jolanda van der Bruggen
Female (Yin) keeper

Jolanda is born in the very hot summer of 1958, in the Netherlands. Her father’s ancestors are connected to the Dragon force and her mother’s ancestors are from the lineage of healers and visionaries. During pregnancy her mother was told that the child she was bearing was directly connected with mother Marie. Since early age she is interested in helping people to develop. Searching for methods to develop, she explored many technologies, spiritual masters and methods from all over the world. During that process she got acquainted with V.M. Bronnikov and his method; “this technology is what all people need to develop themselves in a safe and effective way”.

Jolanda is the Yin Keeper of the Power center Netherlands. Holder of the female part of the 12 apostle system. Co-creator of the Datsan for the 5th Buddha. Mediator of the Golden rays. Guardian of the Tuning System. Diagnost of Informational Esoteric Systems.


During the Southwest Holyland Pilgrimage of America Peter and Jolanda visited places that are usually not open to public, where shamans and wise men led them in extraordinary ceremonies. One of these was the process of building a big medicine wheel, which afterwards would be protected by the keepers of the Hovenweep Land. They learned about the mysterious underground tribe of Anasazi and an Indian tribe living in the mountains that protected that holy place, the place of Spider Woman.

Having passed different shaman ceremonies, They were admitted to the inmost places and received initiations and consecrations.

V.M. Bronnikov prepared them during more than 10 years for the next step. They participated in many important rituals and were given knowledge, technologies, initiations and were introduced to a variety of essences. The first ritual in Feodosia was connected with the scepter of Hermes Trismegistus, and was performed in the church of Michael and Gabriel. It is an Armenian church next to the Bronnikov Center.

There were several rituals performed by the Russian shaman in various places on the premises and in the Chapel of the Bronnikov Center, in Armenian monasteries, in ruins, on the mount of Mithridate (the Sacred Mount near the Bronnikov Center where Hermes Trismegistus VI is buried), at the Golden Gate and at Karadag.

Very impressive was the transfer ritual when Hermes Trismegistus had to be transferred in the body of the Native American who came to Feodosia from America specifically for that purpose. The ritual was connected with preparations for the birth of Hermes Trismegistus VII.

For the next step Palden Lhamo came to V.M. Bronnikov, the Buddhist monks in St Petersburg conducted rare ceremonies for this purpose during which V.M. Bronnikov was given sacred information. Palden Lhamo went with him to Feodosia and a welcome ceremony for her was conducted at the Bronnikov center and a new cycle was started.

Mission, Goal, Tasks, Function

Keepers of Power centers are determined before birth by the higher subtle forces, gods, angels to accomplish a specific mission. They tend to have parents and conditions for the preparation predestined to the nature of the activity. The Keeper is accompanied by the forces of the Power center, he is connected to it from the start and is a “Servant of God.” As a rule this person is potentially a saint, is obliged to develop his/her holiness during his/her life. In case of mission not fulfilled, he usually suffers, is in pain, is haunted by negative entities – eaters – and dies unconventionally, “spectacularly”, showing signs of the destiny.

Keepers of Power centers have three stages of initiation and entry into the role of keeper:

Stage 1 – self-determination, initiation, discovery.

Stage 2 – spiritual and material construction, growing up the Power center, of essences and processes, organization of events.

Stage 3 – arrival, appearance, existence and interaction of the forces of the place and the portal. Creation and development of the new event, essences, deities based on this.

Formation of a secure global system of Power centers around the world.

Prepare and assist de transition of Mother earth to the next stage.

Create, protect and develop the global system of Power centers in cooperation with the Bronnikov team and the essences. Provide an environment to develop planetary super consciousness in a safe and effective way.

Open Power centers and connect the streams for the formation of the global system. Assist the essences of the Power centers to attract and select the keepers for the work. Make knowledge and tools available for education and training of the keepers and teams on all levels.