Prediction of "the Mysterious Gates in Holland"

In our search for methods of personal development we came across the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek. We met Drunvalo during one of his workshops and received an invitation to participate in the Southwest Holyland Pilgrimage of America.

Fifty-six people came from all over the world to do that spiritual work. Together we traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.

One of the fifty-six people of the Southwest Holyland Pilgrimage of America was the clairvoyant shaman Sara Chapin. We clicked with her right away, talked about all sorts of subjects and spent most of the time together. Without being aware of the exact aim that was behind it, we invited her to the Netherlands to give a workshop. So she came and stayed with us in our more than 300 years old home in the city called Krimpen.

Sara was a clairvoyant with many phenomenal abilities.

One evening we ended up in an exceptional conversation about life. It felt as if we knew each other for ages, bonded like a family. That night Peter mentioned V.M. Bronnikov. He told her that he was contacting him and that we were very interested in his method. Sara gave us a document from the international conference in Saint Petersburg. There was her name and Bronnikov’s name, both were announced as speakers.

That was how we found out that Sara knew V.M. Bronnikov.

The same night Sara got into a coma, she was diabetic and her blood sugar fell too low during that night. We found her the next morning and she was taken to the hospital. She died in a couple of days without waking up.

Before she died she told us that an important mission was awaiting her in the Netherlands. For that purpose, she brought 13 magic tuning forks with her, along with many other magic shamanic attributes.

The first time V.M. Bronnikov visited us in the Netherlands, he said that there was a very important Power center with a strong cosmic energy stream.

Due to the cosmic stream, the Netherlands were an influential country in the past, and all the knowledge, technologies and products were spread from the Netherlands throughout the world. Over time, this spreading stream was reversed and it was important to change it back again to its original activity.

A few months before, we bought a new house in the village of Loosdrecht. It turned out that the Power center was located very close to our new house. The Bronnikov experts with Psychobiocomputer vision informed us that our mission was to be the keepers of this Power center, and for that we needed to receive a ‘white stone’. Then we remembered the crystal that Peter received some years ago from the Russian shaman during a ritual in Feodosia.

On the last day of the Southwest Holyland Pilgrimage, a special ceremony was held and Peter received a very peculiar stone there. He had kept it all the time until we were asked to bring something for a ritual in Feodosia. Peter brought that stone and it was used in the ritual performed by a Russian shaman in the place of power in Feodosia. After the ritual, the shaman said that Peter’s stone from America would be needed for opening certain gates during his work in Crimea. As an exchange for Peter’s crystal, he gave him the ‘white stone’, which was chosen by Peter. The shaman said that the ‘white stone’ crystal was the keeper, and it was important to bury it in the place of power near his home in the Netherlands.

Then this ‘white stone’ crystal which had been buried became the key for the power place in the Netherlands.