Opening of the Gates

Bronnikov's visit for opening the Gates

This time his visit to Holland was very different than before. Bronnikov knew that in order to change the upward flow of the Power center to the original downward flow again, a serious ritual needed to be performed in the Netherlands and it was time to do it.

Necessary attributes
All he knew that he needed an American shaman, certain ritual tools and a Mahason. So he was thinking “where can we find all those things”? “IF IT SHOULD BE, IT WILL BE”.

The American Shaman
The evening before the ritual should be held, they were watching a movie: NEXT with Nicolas Cage. Part of the movie was in Flagstaff, Arizona and Peter and Jolanda told that they had been there. Bronnikov did not know about this. After the movie he told them that the next day we needed to do a ritual for the opening of the Gates, that he needed some specific tools and some of them were connected to an American shaman. He said: “you have been in America, maybe you have something”. Then Jolanda got excited and said; we have some special tools from Sara. So Bronnikov said: Who is Sara? Then they told the story of the American shaman, Sara, who stayed in their old house and died. They showed Bronnikov the tools they received from Sara, the crystals, the tuning forks…. all tools needed for the preparation of the ritual.

While talking about Sara, Bronnikov got the idea that probably Sara was still in the old house, in Krimpen, and she was. The whole group went to their old house. Bronnikov started to talk with Sara and realized that she has being preparing all this for this ritual. So they made a deal with Jolanda and Bronnikov put Sara in Jolanda, and so the American shaman was there.

The Mahason and the Indian voodoo center
So the first part was organized, we only needed to find a Mahason. This is a dead shaman connected with the system of Voodoo in India. Where to find this ingredient?

On the morning of the ritual Peter and Jolanda were waiting for an American who has his roots in Persia and now came directly from India to meet Bronnikov. “So he came to have a talk with me about the project World of Sight and Vision and I see that Mahasons are working through this person”. During the meeting the main Mahason, connected to the voodoo center in India, the main keeper of the dead, came in touch with Bronnikov and started to work with the scheme that was needed for the ritual. During the ritual, this essence went into the earth and the grey dead took it under their control.

The story of Sarah and the house
Before Bronnikov met Peter and Jolanda, he had a meeting with a woman called Sara in St Petersburg. After one of the conferences this woman came to him and started to tell him something esoteric. His reaction was negative. He realized that she was a shaman from America, but in those days he had a battle with those shamans. The woman from America would like him to go to America, because he had to see and meet the American shamans there. But if he would do that, he was depending on those American shamans. He needed them to come to him, to Feodosia. That was his the first meeting with the Shamans of America, through Sara, because he made some actions to American shamans, through her. He said that she got upset with him, because she probably realized that there was some kind of battle going on.

A few months later Peter and Jolanda met Sara, an American shaman, during the Southwest Holyland Pilgrimage of America. They had a click with her right away, talked about all sorts of subjects and spent most of the time together. Without being aware of the exact aim that was behind it, they invited her to the Netherlands to give a workshop. So she came and stayed in their more than 300 years old home in the city called Krimpen.

Sara was a clairvoyant with many phenomenal abilities.

One evening they ended up in an exceptional conversation about life. It felt as if they knew each other for ages, bonded like a family. That night Peter mentioned V.M. Bronnikov. He told her that he was contacting him and that we were very interested in his method. Sara gave him a document from the international conference in Saint Petersburg. There was her name and Bronnikov’s name, both were announced as speakers. That was how they found out that Sara knew V.M. Bronnikov.

The same night Sara got into a coma, she was diabetic and her blood sugar fell too low during that night. Jolanda found her the next morning and she was taken to the hospital. She died in a couple of days without waking up.

Before she died she told them that an important mission was awaiting her in the Netherlands. For that purpose, she brought 13 magic tuning forks with her, along with many other magic shamanic attributes.

While talking about Sara on the evening before the ritual, Bronnikov got the idea that probably Sara was still in their old house and she was. Peter and Jolanda tried to sell the house, but it was very strange process. They kept asking how to sell their house and felt that the house did not want to be sold. Why, because they did not know that Sara still stayed there.

Sara was hampering the process of selling the house and attracted the Green Tara foundation to rent the place. She knew about the connection Bronnikov had with Palden Lhamo and the connection with the 4 Buddha’s.

She was still in the house, waiting for the right moment to be picked up. Bronnikov asked Ira, an expert diagnostician, to look and they went all together to Krimpen, to the old house. Bronnikov went to the place where he thought she might be and found Sara there. He started to talk with her and realized that she has being preparing all this for this ritual. So they made a deal with Jolanda and Bronnikov put Sara in Jolanda.

The story of the Persian from America, representative from the voodoo center – Mahason.
Peter and Jolanda had several meetings with an American who has his roots in Persia. He was eager to meet with Bronnikov and talk with him about the project World of Sight and Vision. This time, he heard that Bronnikov would be in Holland and he told that he needed to speak with him as soon as possible. He told them that he would fly in directly from India on Sunday, so they set an appointment with Bronnikov in the early morning on Monday. He came to have a talk and Bronnikov sees that Mahasons are working through this person. So he was talking with this person and through this person he felt the contact with the Mahasons, they started to attack him and then he attacked the Persian man. Bronnikov is also a specialist in Voodoo and he has another level, so he won. Even when that person was telling that he was from a special system and that he came to Europe for the development of the planet and so on, Bronnikov won this battle. Because the Mahasons wanted him to be defenseless and took the initiative in their hands, but they lost. Bronnikov attacked this center of Mahasons in India. A lot of important people studied in this center in India: among them Hitler and the American president Barack Obama. It is their training center and certain essences are connected to the people when they had training there. In this person there was also an essence and Bronnikov attacked this essence. After the meeting, the person said to Bronnikov in Russian “I feel as tired as a dog”. During this meeting Bronnikov took the initiative in his hands. During this situation the main Mahason, the main keeper of the dead, came in touch with Bronnikov and started to work with the scheme that was needed for the ritual.

Opening of the Gates
The goal of the ritual of opening the gates, was to change the stream back to its original state and activity: a downward flow, going into the earth and spreading throughout the world.

Coming back from the house in Krimpen, the group went straight to the Power center. Bronnikov performed a ritual to transfer Sara from the body of Jolanda into the earth. Sara’s amethyst crystal was buried at the center. A circle was formed with the 13 tuning forks in a certain way.

Thanks to all that was done and gathered, they were able to invite the keepers. The Keepers sent the shamans from America and all were gathered together. Bronnikov was working with the American shamans before, that is why they follow his orders, that is why they were able to do all those things. With Sara and the crystals they were able to concentrate it.

The vibrations of the tuning forks activated the process and created a special cosmic descending stream of energy from the star Vega. Many essences participated in that process.

During the ritual, the essence of the main Mahason, connected to the voodoo center in India, the main keeper of the dead, went into the earth and the grey dead took it under their control.

All of this created that this powerful stream went downwards and that it is moving to the golden center of the earth.

Later the complete mechanism was switched on, during a ritual in Feodosia.