Level 3 – Outer Vision

The technique of Outer Vision, or direct vision with the eyes closed, has been known since ancient times and is used in various martial arts systems.

The "Bronnikov-Fekleron" system offers the method of the Templars – 'The Ruby Eye of the Dragon'. 
In the East this technique is called 'The Fire Dragon'.

The ability to see with closed eyes is in principle not objective. The objectivity of vision has to be developed through practise. Special techniques are used for this.

The vision without using the eyes is related to the embryonic vision, when the senses are still one and not yet divided into eyesight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.
This method uses the possibilities of embryonic vision development by addressing the ancient structures in the brain.

You will learn the following techniques:
·  Bring a new quality outside that opens the vision ability and being able to shut it down.
·  Knowledge of safety measures for yourself and people around you when working with Direct Vision.
·  With closed eyes orient yourself in a room, see in the dark, enlarge micro-objects, zoom in and zoom out. 
·  With closed eyes draw, rollerskate etc. These capacities are necessary to ensure objectivity during your work with the PBC and to ensure further development.
·  See inner structures and energy structures of people and objects.
·  See material objects and space in an accurate and objective way.
·  Use an integrated psychological system to work with information in time and space.