Better than ever on school

My last report card was better than ever. None of the teachers has got any remarks. I am much more alert, can concentrate better and I can remember the lessons much better. If possible I practice daily, with my mom or grandfather. It gives me energy, which makes me feel better.

Lothar – 12 years, scholar

Great revelation

It is a great revelation to follow especially the second training, in which you activate the enormous potential of the biocomputer. Seeing and experiencing with your eyes closed is an experience you cannot miss and which develops you mentally and physically.    

Robbert Hagens – Director 1WE

Granting my big wish

I was taking medications for ADD, autism and came home covered with bruises every day. I was picked on at school, beat up and got bad grades. After Level 1 my concentration improved immensely and after Level 2 I went to a sports camp and ended up with 3 friends… Granting my big wish.

Mike - 15 years, highschool scolar

Life has started again

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Now I get my energy back much faster, I am more alert, have more strength, have better concentration and I feel like having fun with family and friends again. Life has started again. 

Leen - Manager of a comprehensive school

Light flashes after 40 years

I experienced light flashes in the right and left eye, a special experience after 40 years of blindness. It is absolutely fantastic, I have been able to see colors with the help of my psycho biocomputer. Without any surgical procedures, it is possible.

Mike Jones - Bishop

Extremely surprised

I was extremely surprised to feel something in my right hand during the first training day; this feeling had been gone for many years. I was shocked to see something with my right eye during the eye exercise (since I was born this eye didn’t function).

Ghiselaine - Family doctor

Cherry on the cake

Level 1 blew me away. I immediately  appreciated its value and experienced the results of this greater connection and communication with my body. This is the ‘cherry on the cake’ for me!

Ann - Shaman and remote viewer

Remarkably fast recovery

For me it was the perfect technology to use for curing my broken metacarpal bone very fast.
The remarkably fast recovery was proven by the hospital x-ray.

Albert Aukes - Writer, director Transpirit, surfer

Assists me with singing

My posture has improved, which makes me feel much stronger. The special breathing technique assists me with my singing and music career.

Jeannette - 16 years high school scholar

Powerful and effective

There are different areas that ask for attention: "mastery of the mind", "mastery of the physical", "mastery of the emotions" and "mastery of action". The Bronnikov Method is a very powerful and effective approach to all four areas. 

Jolanda and Peter embody the results that are possible with the method.

David Bloch -

Lost my balast

During Level 1 I felt a burst of emotions, I felt like being relieved of ballast. I literally lost weight.

Level 2 was phenomenal, it completed the puzzle. The other way of memorizing and dealing with information really made sense because of my dyslexia and learning problems. More and more I could let go of my constant analytical thinking.

Philip - Student social work

Playing again

Discovering Level 2 was something SO astonishing and exciting! I found myself enjoying playing again…! Most difficult has been to stop thinking, not using my memory and to give the right orders to my inner computer.

Danielle - Nurse teacher and national coordinator of ATLS® (Advanced Trauma Life Support )