Spiritual training connected to the Power center

Special training and Tree of Life workshops are held regularly for people who are interested in the Power center or/and would like to join the Power Team. Send us an email for more information and dates.

Tree of Life workshop

Regularly Tree of Life workshops are held in the Netherlands.


Webinars with special subject related to the Power center will be scheduled.

Life changing activities in Feodosia, Crimea

Regularly spiritual activities are held on the territory of the Initiation center “Ardabda”. It is the patrimonial estate of the ancestors of V.M. Bronnikov. It is a place of power, next to the Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. On the premises is the old city wall, a sacred water source, Dragon force energy and it is the birthplace of new ideas.

Activities are dedicated to spiritual work. The combination of the Initiation center Ardabda, the subjects of the activities and the magical period in time are matching a big spiritual flow.

Everyone who is called will hear and everyone who should be part of it will be there.
V.M. Bronnikov

Do you feel you should be there?