The purpose of the webinar "Awakening and Development of Female Sexuality" is to prepare all beginners in this topic, explaining how to get the initial skills for working with subtle forces and human bodies: etheric body, astral body, mental body, causal body and buddhic body.

Many people do not know about their subtle nature and do not know how to use the subtle bodies. They do not know how subtle bodies influence the levels of dense bodies: mineral level, cellular level, organismic level, intellectual level and social level. The interaction of subtle and dense bodies is based on basic energies: fundamental vital energy, parental energy, self-expression energy, imitation energy, protective energy and nutritional energie. Sexual energy is a kind of fundamental vital energy, which is based on: Bioenergy, Psychic Energy and Psychic Plasma.

On this webinar, you will learn a lot of new, interesting, and effective information that you need to know and use in your life as a health-improving and developing power for one’s body, Consciousness and Spirit.

Practical course - 25 & 26 June

Broadcast language: Russian / English

Duration: 2 days, 4 hours a day
Course: 25 June 15.30 - 17.30 and 19.30 - 21.30
26 June 11.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 17.00
For whom it is intended: for participants who have the initial skill of phantom feelings.

Costs: € 412,-
1. Introduction webinar on 11 June
2. Practical course on 25 & 26 June
3. Online meeting with V.M. Bronnikov on 3 July


This practical course is designed for remote learning.
The author will show you how your body can be contacted and awakened remotely. First working with the hand, with the general body, etc.

There is an ancient saying: “Where the thought goes, there goes the energy, where the energy goes, there goes the blood”. There arises the question if all thoughts are yours?

1. Awakening of female sexuality.
Awaken the Achitect of the body,
the Naffs - the master of the body,
and the essence of Po - freedom and sensitivity.

2. Filling the essences of the body of female sexuality with the properties of Tantra.
Earth Tantra
Heavenly Tantra
Middle Tantra

3. Manifestation of tantric fogs through the woman.
The tantric priciple.
Techniques for health-improvement, protection, and to form the human's ability to work with space.

4. The existence of the woman in the man. Using the techniques of meditation and post-meditation.

Meeting with V.M. Bronnikov - 13 July

Broadcast language: Russian / English

Webinar: 19:00 – 21:00
Duration: 2 hours
For whom it is intended: for everyone who finished the practical course on 25 & 26 June.

Online meeting with V.M. Bronnikov and Introduction to Tantra - 13 July

This meeting is part of the practical course "Awakening and development of female sexuality" and is only intended for participants who finished this course on 25 & 26 June.

Participants of the practical course can ask questions related to the course "Awakening and development of female sexuality" and V.M. Bronnikov wil answer them and explain in more detail when needed.

As extra, he will give an Introduction to Tantra.