The latest achievements in science and the most advanced knowledge in the sphere of humanology in general prove that a person is able ‘to see’, i.e. to perceive information about the form and properties of objects surrounding him, without using the organs of vision. Nowadays there is scientifically grounded evidence for such human ability.

World of Sight and Vision is a program that gives a new opportunity, even to absolutely blind people, to acquire an alternative way of vision and providing them with a chance for social development and greater prospects in life.

WORLD OF SIGHT AND VISION is based on IHD system, created by academician V.M.Bronnikov.


It is based on the harmonization of human organ and body system functioning, which helps to restore functions to the normal level, that is to activate passive functions and slow down hyperactive functions of organs and body systems of a person.

IHD techniques provide the possibility to acquire alternative vision for the blind and visually impaired people with inborn pathologies of visual and nervous apparatus, loss of vision due to eye injuries, severe chronic disease, or with rapid decrease of vision acuity.

How does it work

The formation of alternative or direct vision is based on development of not used properties and abilities of the brain. With the help of a simple complex of exercises it is possible to activate vital forces of a person, including those areas in the brain that are in inactive state in an average person.

Activation of such ‘additional’ brain resources opens up new opportunities, such as conscious perception of information about the surrounding world and its interpretation. Thus, due to such brain abilities we begin to see the world in a new way. Such effect is scientifically called ‘REM sleep in awake state’.

What does it give you

Developing the alternative vision allows you to:

- See the surroundings without using eyes and move freely in it
- See those things that are not within the range of eye perception
- See your body from the inside
- Acquire information about your health and correct it with help of the ability to manage your alternative vision as a computer (so-called PsychoBioComputer - PBC)
- Have a 3-D, multi-level and multi-aspect vision of surrounding objects and situations
- Develop the Savant effect (ability to freely perceive information)
- Find social rehabilitation and adaptation in society.

For who

Today there are over 70 million blind people officially registered in the world. Those people cannot find help in any traditional method. At the same time there is a tendency in the world for decrease of human vision, degradation of visual function due to computer and smartphone influences and other factors.

The offered program ‘World of Sight and Vision’ opens up an incredible opportunity to solve many of the most complicated problems in the sphere of vision. It is possible to set out an official statement that the congenitally blind or someone who has lost eye-sight completely is able to gain an alternative way of vision.

The efficiency of training among children under 14 is
over 80 percent, among adults it is over 50 percent.

Background information

Alternative vision has been known since ancient times. Due to historic reasons the knowledge about its development has become unknown for the mass, but open for just a few people.

In the end of the 20th century the world was presented this knowledge again in the form of a practical system. It was formulated by academician V.M. Bronnikov and named as the "Bronnikov-Fekleron" system’. The Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been researching the phenomenon of alternative vision under the direction of academician N.P. Bekhtereva for over four years. In November 2000 during the World Congress Results of the Millennium it was announced by scientists that a new human ability has been discovered, the Direct (alternative) vision.

Where can I find it

IHD system is wide-spread in many cities of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, and many other countries. Hundreds of centers around the world offer trainings and rehabilitation within the program ‘World of Sight and Vision’.