Reviews from participants

Aleksey (1987)

After the fourth class Aleksey took off his glasses.

He began to see his dreams in color, which did not happen to him before. After the exercises the eye-sight improved greatly, after 15 classes the child saw bright colors for the first time (before then he could only see vague shapes of objects). Now he can see numbers of trolleybuses from the distance of 3 meters, he can read without glasses from a distance of 35 cm. Before he could only see shapes of objects from a distance of 12 cm.

Olga (1974)

Diagnosis:secondary glaucoma, cataract.

"I lost my sight completely when I was 23. I did not want to live. I became very irritable and would get tired quickly.

After fourth class in Level 1 I felt a flow of energy, I get less tired, became more confident, and stopped stooping. My friend told me that I seemed to have become taller. During 15th class my alternative vision opened up. I worked out colors, tastes and smells well. I can walk to work and back without assistance. I finally could see my nine year old daughter".

Marina (1965)

"After the training I felt considerable improvement of my general condition. I was not tired anymore, my mood got better, the acuity of sight increased. I used to have night blindness, astigmatism and myopia.

Now I can see billboards, pictures from a distance of over 10 meters, I can see drivers in cars, students at the last desks in a huge lecture room for 100 people, the TV screen and the board from the back wall of the large lecture room".

Nikita (1988)

Diagnosis: Wagner syndrome, retinal detachment in both eyes operated with endo-laser.

"When I started the training I could only distinguish between light and darkness, day and night, I had to wear glasses. Now I have developed alternative vision. I can see large objects from a distance of 4 meters, smaller objects from 2 meters. With normal eye-sight I could not see anything in the dark, with the outer vision I can distinguish some objects in the room".

Olya (1988)

Diagnosis: retrolental fibroplasia of stage V in both eyes, spastic hemiparesis, sinus bradicardia.

"Before the training I could not see anything. At first I did not believe in the sytem, my classmates also did not believe I could get better. The training helped me to start distinguishing colors, objects, to write and draw. My attitude to the world changed, my relations with other people changed, too.

Before the training I thought I was doomed to the life that would never be the way I wanted it to be. I thought I would not have a normal life in the future. I had a severe inferiority complex. But now I already know what I want to achieve in life".

Sergey (1988)

Sergey lost his sight during his first year of life. He was trained with the IHD system.

Extract from his medical card (1997): "Right eye can see shadow of his hand when it is near the face, left eye sees nothing".

With his eyes closed with inner attention turned on (alternative vision) he can distinguish the color and form of the object very well’.