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Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva

Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; foreign member of Austrian, Finnish academies of sciences, the American academy of medicine and psychiatry, the International Academy of human and natural ecology and safety, since 1990 the research manager of the Institute of Human brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"I testify that people trained to see without their eyes can really read texts previously unknown to them, and to conduct a whole range of other actions that usually need eye-sight. The results proved that the trained person does not require to have any special abilities.

In the first place I noted that the created system of training leads to constant development of body abilities up to their maximum usage.

Formation of new type of vision is fully possible even for blind people. The research confirms its physiological nature for human brain".

Pavel Nikolayevich Popov

Head of eye disease department in Tver’ medical academy.

Testing the "Bronnikov-Fekleron" system was done in the city of Tver’ on the basis of Regional clinical hospital in 1995-1996. The process of training proved to be very efficient.

All the poor-sighted children had an increase in sight acuity from 20% to 50%, for some up to normal. The deaf restored hearing, the blind with pancreatic diabetes developed alternative and radar vision of objects, the sugar level in blood and urine came to normal (with reduced insulin dose), intraocular pressure reduced.

Yuriy Petrovich Pytyev

Professor, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in Moscow State university, head of the department of computer methods in physics, studies phenomenon of vision with eyes closed.

"Our research proved that the vision with eyes closed that is demonstrated by students of V.M. Bronnikov does not require a specially formed magnetic field.

The system of academician Vyacheslav Bronnikov is a phenomenon! It is a challenge to physics!"