FROM DYSLEXIA TO GENIUS is an innovative IHD project to develop a science-based, effective and easy to transfer program for the training of children with dyslexia

Strategic project

The project FROM DYSLEXIA TO GENIUS is the first step in a process with the ultimate goal Noosphere Education. This is new innovative education, based on the 'Holographic Interface of the Brain".

This project will allow:
- To introduce the 'Holographic Interface of the Brain' to science
- In collaboration perform highly Neuro-scientific research together with other organizations like
the world-famous Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior.


In the current information-age it is essential that children at least are educated in:
- How to use their brain effectively
- How to store information, without overload
- How to manage the constantly growing stream of information

One of the ways to develop these qualities is to learn to manage the 'Holographic Interface
of the Brain'.

Why specifically dyslexia?

Dyslexics have qualities to activate the 'Holographic Interface of the Brain' faster:
- Holographic thinking / sight
- In volumes thinking / sight
- Free creative spatial orientation

Dyslexics have a different way of thinking and information processing. They are
concept thinkers. They make an image of the entire subject. They see solutions because
they have overview. There are several scientists who say that concept thinkers are in favor
of line thinkers in the future of our society. With all the developments that are going on
right now, we are on the edge of the conceptual era. An era that appeals to our
creativity, organizational skills, visual ability, empathy and innovativeness.

The current dyslexics are the pioneers of the conceptual era!

These talents are needed in our society!

Noosphere Education - New Education

The Noosphere is the third development phase of the earth. The first phase is the Geosphere – the earth itself. The second phase is the Biosphere – biological life.

The third phase is the Noosphere – a collection of information produced by human thought and knowledge.

Noosphere means literally ‘Mind sphere’.

Noosphere Education is education based on obtaining information directly from this collective information field of the Noosphere.

Holographic Interface of the Brain (HIB)

HIB is a new human quality.
It is a cognition-program to manage your brain.

If you are able to work with the HIB, you can access information directly from the collective information field, de Noosphere.

The HIB is a biological tool which makes it possible to activate latent structures, new defense mechanisms and huge creative abilities.